What is Fair Food Week?

Coordinated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), Australia’s Fair Food Week shines a light on our new story of food.

From 12th-20th October 2019 you will discover events across the country to celebrate fair food, great growers, and good eating:

  • forums

  • workshops

  • speakers

  • films

  • farmers’ fairs

  • food swaps

  • community garden and farm tours

  • and more, much more.

This year’s events will be about celebrating the accomplishments of Australian projects that support fair food, educate our communities how we can support fair food, and creating new experiences for people with fair food.

Let’s put food sovereignty on the Australian table so farmers can keep farming… so that young people will feel encouraged to go into farming… and so that family farmers around the world know that we are acting for their sovereignty.

It’s time to shine the light on the new story of fair food flourishing across Australia.

What’s fairness got to do with food?

Lots. Let’s start with farmers not being paid well by major retail chains for the food they grow and raise for us. Then there’s excessive food imports that unfairly disadvantage not only Australian farmers and farm workers but our food processors as well. And about much of that imported food… do we really know how it was grown and processed… and what was put on it to make it grow or easier to process… whether farm and factory workers enjoyed healthy, good and fair working conditions?

And there’s one more thing about fairness, and that’s about fair access to good, tasty food for the thousands of Australians and their children living on low incomes.

So, what’s that got to do with me?

It’s your chance to do what it is that you do best when it comes to food wherever you sit in the paddock-to-plate-and-back-again journey. You’ll have our support to grab attention via print and social media, word of mouth advertising, promotion at markets, restaurants, cafes, and libraries.

All over the country during the Fair Food Week people will create and participate in story-telling, workshops and other events the possibilities of which are limited only by your imagination.

Most of all, during Fair Food Week, go out and enjoy food produced fairly — that’s fairly in the social, economic and environmental sense.

How can we make it happen?

Fair Food Week is a self-organising, national event.

 Find out more about hosting an event

Fair Food Week is a good idea we want to see take off because it’s about food fairness for all of us. So, it’s time to put on our thinking caps and plough into that random access memory of our brains, there to find creative, crazy, innovative and intriguing ideas for you and your friends to make something wonderful happen during Fair Food Week.


Contact AFSA for more information.

The AUSTRALIAN FOOD SOVEREIGNTY ALLIANCE is a collaboration of organisations and individuals working towards a food system in which everyone has the opportunity to access, create, and manage their food supply from paddock to plate.

FOOD SOVEREIGNTY asserts the right of peoples to nourishing and culturally appropriate food produced and distributed in ecologically sound and ethical ways, and their right to collectively determine their own food and agriculture systems.

OUR PURPOSE is to cooperate to create an equitable, sustainable and resilient food system for all Australians.

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is a not-for-profit association, incorporated in Victoria.

In August 2016 Fair Food Farmers United (FFFU), the farmers' branch of AFSA, was provisionally accepted as a member of La Via Campesina (LVC), the leading voice of the global food sovereignty movement. LVC brings together millions of peasants, small and medium-size farmers, landless people, women farmers, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers from around the world. It defends small-scale sustainable agriculture as a way to promote social justice and dignity. It strongly opposes corporate-driven agriculture and transnational companies that are destroying people and nature.

AFSA is also a proud member of both the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereigntyand Urgenci: the International Network of Community Supported Agriculture.

In 2016 AFSA formally constituted the Legal Defence Fund in response to the number of small-scale producers across Australia seeking assistance in dealing with inappropriate-to-scale regulations and planning schemes.

The Legal Defence Fund aims to:

  • establish a legal advice hotline for farmers and eaters so that nobody is left to fight alone;
  • compile and analyse casework to lobby for legal reform where necessary to support the growing fair food movement
  • develop factsheets and templates for food producers and local councils around regulatory requirements and best-practice planning;
  • provide advice on public and product liability for farms and food producers who sell direct to the public; and
  • provide support when small farms are caught up in a trial by media.

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Our Team

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is lucky to have a team of dedicated and passionate people working to create equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems for all Australians.


  • President- Tammi Jonas
  • Vice President- Ben McMenamin
  • FFFU Chair- Phil Stringer
  • Secretary - Ant Wilson
  • Treasurer - Anna Treasure
  • Communications Officer - Katie Johnston
  • International Liaison - Kat Munksgaard

General Members

  • Fran Murrell
  • Catie Gressier


  • Aly Brody - Policy, Research, and Administrative Officer
  • Sarah de Wit - Paralegal