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Fair Food Week 2019 – Celebrating a food sovereignty future. 

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is once again bringing together communities, not-for-profits, farmers and their allies across Australia to celebrate the work of Australia’s food sovereignty pioneers – the people and places doing the vital work of creating a fairer, healthier and sustainable food system for all.  

In previous years, Fair Food Week has had over 100 events around the country with an estimated 15,000 participants. From garden tours to farm dinners, film nights to speaker’s forums, dedicated farmers’ markets and workshops. The diversity and enthusiasm took us by surprise! 

Our food and agriculture systems are at a critical juncture. The issues of climate change, biodiversity loss and industrialised food conflate to form the greatest challenge of the Anthropocene era. More Australians than ever before can’t access nutritious and ethical food, and incidences of diet related illnesses are increasing. We urgently need a transition to a resilient food and agriculture system based in agroecology.  

AFSA’s mission for Fair Food Week is to demonstrate, celebrate and support the transformation of our food system that is already underway.  

Fair Food Week provides a space in which to highlight and encourage the people, businesses and organisations that are part of this transformation. Together our collective voice can engage the Australian community and exemplify what an ethical, sustainable and sovereign food system looks like - and why it offers such a positive new future. We hope you will join us by participating in Fair Food Week through one of the options below.  

Become a Fair Food Week supporter  

Major sponsors and supporters play a vital role in the success of the Fair Food Week in Australia. With your valued support, we will be able to ensure a higher quality experience for everyone involved, and attract more audiences.  

Fair Food Week provides two levels of sponsorship, with a focus on mutually beneficial outcomes. We strive to ensure our supporters get the most out of their partnership.  

AFSA is a farmer-led volunteer-run organisation. The funds raised from Fair Food Week sponsors will be spent on promoting Fair Food Week and ongoing food sovereignty initiatives.  

Why become a supporter of Fair Food Week?  

  • Converse with like-minded people in a fun and interactive environment 

  • Show you’re actively part of a local, sustainable food system 

  • Potential to reach new customers and clients resulting in increased sale of your 
products and services 

  • Increase your brand awareness 

  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers, clients and suppliers 

  • Help raise collective awareness of fair food and a sustainable food system 

  • Opportunity to educate consumers 

Become a major sponsor by donating $1000 or more  

Your major sponsor benefits will include:  

  • Your logo and contact details will be published on our sponsors page 

  • Mentions in our social media feeds leading up to Fair Food Week 

  • Mentions in our Fair Food Week newsletter, which will give you access to a socially responsible audience 

  • Increasing your brand awareness and generating exposure 

  • Aligning your organisation with Australia’s first major fair food event. 

Become a supporter by donating up to $1000 

Your supporter benefits will include: 

  • Your logo and contact details will be published on our supporter page 

  • Increasing your brand awareness and generating exposure 

  • Aligning your organisation with Australia’s first major fair food event. 


Host an Event  

  • Using the Fair Food Week website and logo 

  • Organise a dinner, a workshop, a forum with speakers, a film night, and more. 
See our website for ideas. www.fairfoodweek.org.au 

For more information 

Ant Wilson  

M: 0457140001 E: ant@afsa.org.au