Fair Food Week is a celebration of the real value of fair food: the work of those that grow, make and share it, and the benefits it brings to eaters, farmers, land, and animals. 

In Fair Food Week 2019, we want to recognise all that that goes into making fair food, and celebrate all the good that comes out of it.  

Fair food nourishes people and values the wellbeing of farmers and eaters – both physical and personal. 

Fair Food regenerates the health of soil, water, ecosystems, and communities, and invests in good stewardship of the land for future generations. 

Fair Food connects people. It builds relationships between growers, eaters, and land, and brings diverse people and experiences together. 

Fair Food builds a better food system for the present and the future, in which everyone can exercise their right to nourishing, ecologically-sound, culturally-appropriate food.  

This year we hope that Fair Food Week highlights the value of this connection, regeneration, nourishment, and change.  

We look forward to events that celebrate the good that fair food gives - that help others experience it, that share and support the work that goes into creating it, and that lift up ideas, actions, and examples for a better food future.  

About hosting an event 

Fair Food Week is a self-organised, nation-wide event facilitated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.  

Anyone can organise an event in their community (or further afield!) and register the event on the Fair Food Week website.  

While event hosts organise and promote their own events independently, we also promote events through Fair Food Week social media and networks, so it is a great opportunity to get the word out to a wider audience about good work and important issues. 

Beyond simply hosting an event, contact us for evet sponsorship details. 

What kind of events can we host?  

Events can take any form you like to celebrate fair food. Events might be about: 

  • Celebrating and showcasing what Fair Food means, and brings, to you and your community.  

  • Bringing together and educating people around the value of fair food. 

  • Sharing experiences and stories of fair food with others.  

Past events have included: 

-Farm tours, field days, and open days 

-Food festivals, produce swaps, and farmer’s market celebrations 

-Community meals, long-table lunches, potluck, or restaurant pop-ups 

-Public panels and discussions on fair food topics 

-Book talks, farmer talks, and film screenings 

-Food and farming workshops ranging from no-waste cooking to fermenting to urban gardening.