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Farming Democracy at CERES with CERES Fair Food & Honey Lane Organic Farm

  • Van Raay Centre, CERES Community Environment Park Roberts Street Brunswick East, VIC, 3057 Australia (map)

Farming Democracy tells the story of eight Australian family farms doing things differently, working for a ‘new normal’ in agriculture that is good for soil, water, animals, and people. These farmers are building regenerative, agroecological systems that are viable in an epoch that has seen a sharp decline in the number of farms globally.

This Fair Food Week, author Tammi Jonas, a pastured pig and cattle farmer from Jonai Farms in Victoria and President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, joins CERES Fair Food Manager Chris Ennis, and CERES Urban Farmer Caitlin Molloy to talk about growing radical change in our food systems.

The story

Farming Democracy opens the farm gates to show us the true costs and value of farming, and shine a light on the ways diverse farms around Australia are building a better system from the ground up.

Their stories offer insight into the opportunities and challenges of running a small-scale regenerative farm in Australia. These are farmers who know the people they feed, are accountable to their communities, and are finding ways to navigate the barriers posed by a system designed for industrial agriculture. They work daily for food sovereignty, supporting peoples’ right to culturally appropriate, nutritious and delicious foods grown in ethical and ecologically-sound ways, and advocate for everyone’s right to determine their own food and agriculture systems.

Farming Democracy is for everyone: those already on the land, those aspiring to farm, or those simply wanting to explore how we can build alternatives to the industrial food system.

The event

Join Tammi, Chris, and Caitlin as they talk about the roles we all play in growing and eating our way to a better food future. They'll talk about opportunities for change throughout the food system: from the country to the city, for farmers, urban growers, eaters, and everyone in between.

We'll explore the ways that farmers are working towards reform in the food system, the challenges they face, and what it takes to build alternatives. From regenerative and agroecological farming to building CSAs, co-ops, and paddock-to-plate enterprises, the solutions are diverse and highlight the opportunites for change when eaters, producers, and communities work together towards a better food future.

Join us for what is guaranteed to be an eye-opening and thought-provoking chat about where your food comes from and how we can support radical change for a new food system: one where we can all exercise our right to food that is good for farmers, eaters, land, and animals.

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